Frank Simes
Guitarist, Songwriter, Composer, Producer

Frank Simes is a Grammy nominated and platinum record awarded
musician, guitarist, songwriter, composer, and record producer. Frank is the musical director for The Who and Roger Daltrey, and has also recorded and performed with Mick Jagger, Don Henley, and Stevie Nicks.


Frank toured with The Who as the musical director for the world tours of Tommy, Quadrophenia, and The Who Hits! 50. He performed on Roger Daltrey’s Moonlighting album, The Who’s documentary An Amazing Journey, Quadrophenia Live in London DVD, Tommy Live at the Royal Albert Hall DVD, and the Showtime presentation, The Who Live at Hyde Park.


Frank has composed over 1,500 pieces of music for film, TV, and commercials. Simes has also composed original guitar and piano pieces, some of which were recorded by the London Philharmonic Orchestra.


Frank composed the music for Hollywoodn’t, a one-woman show, written and performed by his creative partner, Lisa Verlo, with whom he has also co-written a musical entitled The Door. Frank is currently working on a documentary based on his book about music and enlightenment, A Conversation with the Universe.

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